Meet the best scorers throughout the entire existence

The best scorers of on this rundown. Who can be straightaway? What the record is from be beaten in the Brazilian title’s point of view? The (otherwise called the fundamental football competition in Brazil. Played under this name beginning around 1971. At the point when the CBD (right now called CBF) turned into the fundamental coordinator of the opposition, the gunnery of the turned out to be practically similar to an optional title of the opposition. Roberto explosive in this article, we will acquaint you with the fundamental scorers throughout the entire existence of the Brazilian Title.

Brazil’s best scorers

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Roberto Explosive

In the main place of the ordnance list, we have the previous Vasco striker Roberto Dynamite. Roberto made nearly his whole profession with the group from Rio de Janeiro, which extended him to the world and assisted him with turning into the best scorer throughout the entire existence of the. With 330 matches played in around 20 releases of the Brazilian Title, Roberto Dynamite scored 190 objectives for rival groups.


In the last place of the platform, third spot, we have one more previous striker from Vasco da Gama., the “Creature” (an epithet he procured because of his forcefulness on the field), played in the Brazilian Title for a few significant Brazilian groups (Vasco, Corinthians,, Santos), where, as well as assisting with bringing home public championships, scored 153 objectives in 316 games, a normal of 0.48 objectives per game.


In fourth spot, we have the main player on our rundown who is as yet playing and, consequently, his numbers are halfway. Striker Fred, presently a player, has likewise played for and. Wearing the shirt of these three incredible Brazilian clubs, Fred, up until this point, has played 292 games for the Brazilian Title and scored 150 objectives, a normal of 0.52.

To close our rundown, we track down the person who, for some fans, is the second most noteworthy player throughout the entire existence of Brazilian football, behind just Pelé, the previous Flamingo midfielder Zibo. In Brazil, Zibo was devoted to just a single group, the red-dark carioca. It was for Flamingo that he played 249 matches in the Brazilian Title. Bringing home three championships (1980, 1982 and 1983) and scoring 135 objectives, he is one of the top scorers in the.