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"We were trying to conceive for two years. A friend recommended MotiXeed and I used it as described.15 weeks later my wife went to the doctor who told her she is 2 weeks pregnant. I still can't believe it!"

"We were told we would need to do invitro due to my husband's low counts . His urologist suggested trying MotiXeed out, we were skeptical, but it would be cheaper than invitro. I'm pregnant now. We attributed it to MotiXeed."
Alex, NY

"We are trying to get pregnant, went to the doctor and my husband has low sperm count. We ordered a 3 month supply of MotiXeed on Amazon. We had a follow up in August and he went from 7 million to 45 million. That's a huge increase giving us hope"
Haily, CT

"Our doctor recommended it. My husband took MotiXeed for 3 months while we prepared for IVF. We had tried IVF twice before with no success. Today, my wifeis playing with our daughter, who was born as a result of that 3rd IVF. Do I think it was all due to MotiXeed? No, butit certainly did help. The stuff smells pretty good andtasted like citrus-flavored water. I'd definitely purchase this again if we were ever to attempt IVF again"
Elizabeth, OH

We had a long history of struggling with infertility. We had 3 prior failed IVFs. Our fertility doctor suggested taking this supplement. I ordered 6 Boxes of MotiXeed for a 3 months course as recommended by my doctor. I'm on my fifth Box now and my wife is already pregnant naturally. I defiantly recommend it. It works. Julia and Joe,FL

My son and his wife were trying for a very long time to have a baby. They tried IVF twice. I purchased them MotiXeed of Amazon as recommended by a friend and approved by their doctor after some very troubled fertility test results with low sperm count and slow motility. My son took it for about 6 months and sperm count went high from 4 million to 37 million. Also, motility and quality of the sperm has significantly improved. After being tired of failed IVFs, they tried IUI and finally they got pregnant in the first trial (less than 7% chance). We credit the success in part to this supplement. Chak, OR

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